#Vranec World Day

May 23, 2023

Celebrating days of wine grape variety which is characteristic for a particular wine country or region has become a trend in the wine world.  Macedonia, which in the last decade has been positioning itself as a country producing high quality wines, needs to follow the world trends in order to build the country’s recognition on the international markets, as a country with good agriculture, specific healthy and traditional cuisine, attractive as a tourist destination and as a country with its own identity and traditions.

The Association Wines of Macedonia, responsible for communication and branding of the Macedonian wine brand worldwide, is convinced that by setting up a celebration event for the most  important Balkan grape variety will help to position Vranac/Vranec as one of the Balkan’s wine gems.

Excellent quality, ever surprising and diverse, Vranac/Vranec would lead the way to position Balkan as one of the main oenological centres in the South East Europe.

VWD, deserves to stand side by side with other world days when celebrating international varieties around the world. In the last decade, the trend of celebrating a particular variety has reciprocated with multiple benefits, the most notable being improved positioning and increased sales of “celebrated” wines on international markets. In addition, the increased recognition of the wine regions where Vranac/Vranec wines come from, will certainly open the doors to other varietal wines. Due to the event size and significance, several evolution stages are foreseen in the coming years, during which we expect to achieve international publicity with the ultimate goal of celebrating VWD worldwide.

On October 5th, 2019, the first stage of celebration begins in Republic of North Macedonia, as the largest wine producer of this variety.

Given the importance of the event for the Macedonian and the regional wine industry, a large number of wineries from our country and the region, will be present, including world wine experts and companies involved in the wine sector, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps in the country and state institutions.

This year the event will take place on October 5, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel (Double Tree) in Skopje.

Attendees: international wine experts, regional guests and media, representatives of the Foreign Embassies in the Republic of North Macedonia, government representatives, Vranec/Vranac wine producers from Macedonia and the region and domestic and regional wine lovers.

More info at: vranecworldday.com or www.vranacworldday.com