This is the typical region for the sub-mediterranean climate zone. The influ¬ence of the mediterranean climate from the Aegean Sea is mostly felt near the flow of the River Vardar in this vineyard in the Republic of Macedonia. The long warm summers and the relatively warm winters feature this vine¬yard. The average air temperature per year is 14.0 °С in Gevgelija and 14.5 °С in Valandovo.

The average vegetation temperature varies from 18.2°С in Gevgelija to 18.8°С in Valan¬dovo. The absolute maximum temperatures are usually higher than 44°С, whereas the absolute minimum is rarely below -10 °С. Ex¬tremely hot summer days happen to appear in September, too.

According to the values of the average air temperature and the amount of rainfall this is an arid region. The amount of rainfall is 682.4 mm in Gevgelija and 601.6 mm in Valandovo yearly. The reason for the lower drought period during July and August ap¬pears as a result of the greater amount of rainfall in the Gevgelija-Valandovo vineyard compared to Veles and Tikveš vineyard.

There is relatively higher average month¬ly sun insolation in Gevgelija-Valandovo vineyard, actually the highest in the Repub¬lic of Macedonia. The values of the average monthly or the average yearly insolation var¬ies from 6.4 hours in Valandovo to 6.8 hours in the Gevgelija region.

• CLIMATE mediterranean, hot summers and mild winter
• ALTITUDE from 60 to 100 m
• TERRAIN hilly and wavy
• SOIL Alluvial and diluvial, mostly dry clay soil rich with minerals.
• VARIETIES Vranec, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Smederevka, table grapes
• MICRO LOCATIONS Avlak, Kalajdziev Brest, Selemlija, Bogorodica, Stojakovo, Bogdanci, Gavato, Crnicani, Josifovo, Pirava, Udovo, Chaparica, Kaljkovo, Grciste, Mrvinci, Balanci, Brajkovci, Cheshtovo, Kazan Dol, Dedeli, Sobri, Rabovo