In Macedonia, it can be mostly found in Skopje, Veles and Tikves districts, with a tendency of further spreading. It ripens at the beginning of September in the Tikves vineyards, and determining the opti¬mal date for harvest is of exceptional signifi¬cance for the quality of wine production.

The Macedonian wines from Chardonnay variety generally have two characteristic styles.
The first one is characterized by its fresh¬ness and fruity aromas dominate, like apple, citrus and banana.

The second style is characterized by the oak taste as a result of the ripening in oak barrels. The flowery and spicy aromas are dominant in this style.

It can be stated that Chardonnay is the happiest combination of all the varieties: Macedonian viticulturists want to grow it, the wineries want to manufacture it and everybody wants to drink it.