The story of Tikveš winery begins in 130 years ago, back in the year of 1885. It is the oldest and largest winery in South-East Europe.
Since M6  Investment group acquiring the winery in 2003, there were significant investments of near 30 million euro in the latest technology, and particular attention was paid to improving and modernizing the entire production process.
We experiment to create new flavors that will generate new consumers’ needs. Each “invention” we make is a genuine combination of local and international types of grapes; local tradition of wine and world experiences.
This process of experimenting in our “laboratory” is managed by Philippe Cambie – the best wine consultant in the world for 2010, according to the renowned “Wine Advocate”, Robert Parker.
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More than 50 different wines are currently produced in the Tikves Winery.
More than 50 different wines are currently produced in the Tikveš Winery. All of them are classified in several production lines, each having different flavours and price tags:
Traditional wines
T’ga za jug
Special Selection
Alexandria Cuvee
Terroir wines
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The winery owns a macro-vinification and micro-vinification production lines for high-quality wines. The winery also produces sparkling wine and several types of spirits, including Zolta Rakia with VS insignia (Very Special), the quality of which is compared with the English brandy, Italian grappa, etc.
Tikveš Winery is a supreme leader on the Macedonian market and the greatest wine exporter accounting for 60 per cent of the Macedonian bottled wine export. “Tikveš” is a recognized brand in the regional countries. We also export to the EU markets, including Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, as well as the USA, Russia and China.
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// ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 22000:2005 certified
// “Global GAP” (Good Agricultural Practice) certificate for sustainable development and environment for all vineyards.
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Our gates are open for everyone, since we want everyone to become a part of, and get familiar, with the magic called – good wine making. The Tikveš Winery is our home, and therefore we welcome guests as if they entered our own home. What is even more, anyone who wishes to have an unforgettable wine experience is invited to taste wine and try specialties in our restaurant. That is how real hosts behave.
For all those wishing to know more about the culture of producing and enjoying wine, our oenologists are always willing to show you and tell you everything about what we are most proud of the wine and the ideal food combination in order to experience it in the best manner. Tikveš Winery offers a complete enjoyment for those who wish to explore the beauties of the wine world.
Please inform us about your visit at tours@tikves.com.mk, so that we can welcome you even better. Feel like you’re at home!
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