The Central region, the valley of the river Vardar, comprises 87,4% of the total production of grape and wine in Macedonia. The region has 1.000.000 inhabitants and annually is hosting more than 2 million tourists. The region is located in the heart of the Balkans and as a major transit zone of the Balkan Peninsula, it’s a interaction a huge number of passengers.

The influence of the Mediterranean and Continental climate and 260 sunny days during the year, in a harmonious relationship with the pitch, which represent a plane with hilly patches where deluvial, resident, cimentite forest soils and smolic smaller areas are dominated, makes it perfect for viticulture and wine making. The hight of the vineyards varies from 110 – 650 meters.

Currently there are 24 664 hectares of vineyards providing livelihood of some 26.295 grape growing families dedicated to produce wholesome sun kissed grape clusters of world WELL known but also diversity of indigenous varieties Smederevka, Temjanika, Belan, Zupljanka, Zilavka from whites and Kratoshia, Prokupec and flagship red variety, powerful Vranec. In this region officially are registered 69 (from the 84 total) wineries that annually processes 256,000 tons of wine grapes and produce 850,000 hl of wine.