The leading grape variety for production of white wines in Macedonia is Smederevka. It’s supposed to originate from Serbia, nevertheless, its origin is not precisely confirmed. This variety is one of the oldest in the Balkans, and it is mostly situated in the areas with grapevine plantations for white wine varieties in almost all wine districts in Macedonia.
Smederevka ripens in the beginning of October and it usually gives a high yield. Since it is sensitive to low temperatures, mostly it is grown in the warmer wine growing regions in Macedonia on fertile, healthy and deep soils. The grapes are big with oval shape and thin, translucent, and hard skin with greenish-yellow color.
It produces white wines with fruity aromas, low in alcohol, best drunk young. The wines are characterized by their harmonious, drinkable taste and gentle wine scent. Smederevka is a table wine and is best served at a temperature of 8-10°С with light appetizers, white meat, cheese, fish and green seasonal salads. During Macedonia’s hot summer days, Smederevka is mixed with soda water and served as a drink named “spritzer” or “bunar” with mix fresh fruits.

Grapes from Smederevka are used for production of spirits, as well, especially for Macedonian brandy called “rakija”.