Skopje wine district



Skopje is the bustling capital of Macedonia. Macedonia is known for its fine wines, and Skopje’s wine district is the top of the barrel. Grapes grow in abundance on the outskirts of the city, where several wineries harvest their crops; and within the city, bustling wineries serve wine-loving tourists in some of the city’s most historic districts.

Skopje valley, according to the climate parametres, belongs to the Continental-sub mediterranean climate zone. It is a typical zone where the influences of the Sub-med¬iterranean and Eastern continental climate combine. Unlike the other vineyards, Veles and Tikves, where the distance from the Ae¬gean Sea and the vicinity to the higher moun¬tains is more expressed, Skopje vineyards are more influenced by the continental climate. The climate is less homogenous and the range that varies between separate climate elements is big.