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Органска трансформација – предизвици и потенцијали

Почитувани, Здружението  „Вина од Македонија“ со задовоство ве поканува да присуствувате на конференцијата на тема „Органска трансформација – предизвици и потенцијали“, која ќе се одржи

#Vranec World Day

Celebrating days of wine grape variety which is characteristic for a particular wine country or region has become a trend in the wine world. Macedonia, which in the last decade has been positioning itself as a country producing high quality wines, needs to follow the world trends in order to build the country's recognition on the international markets, as a country with good agriculture, specific healthy and traditional cuisine, attractive as a tourist destination and as a country with its own identity and traditions.

#Balkan Wine Network

Balkan Wine Network Conference “Wine as a bridge of cooperating in the Western Balkan Region”, will be held on 3rd and 4th October 2019 in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.

Wines of Macedonia events in EU markets

On 15th and 17th October we are organizing a trade tastings in Berlin and Vienna, events that feature approximately 100 wines from 7 Macedonian wineries. Some of the wines on show are already in market, whilst others are from producers that are seeking distribution. The export managers of the wineries will be present at the event for B2B meetings.

Promotion of Macedonian Wines during the General Annual Assembly of European Wine Knights

Promotional event of Macedonian wine in Austria on 19 October 2019 within the annual Congress of European Wine Knights is held every year in Eisenstadt and this year Macedonia is a host partenr country where Macedonian wineries will have opportunity to present their wines. The event will take place on October 19th and will be attended by the European wine elite - wine knights from all over Europe.

Call for proposals for promotional materials

Call for proposals for promotional materials

MACEDONIAN WINES Masterclass tasting program at ProWein 2020



Wines of Macedonia is proud to be partnering with Green Wine Future

Wines of Macedonia is proud to be partnering with Green Wine Future - the most ambitious environmental conference ever organized for the wine community. Green Wine Future Conference was created to address critical topics of

The untamed temper from the South

Surprising new wines from North Macedonia to be tasted at ProWein 2022

Svetozar Janevski, President of „Wines of Macedonia“ describes the current situation of North Macedonia’s wine industry in one sentence: „We are still considered mainly as a bulk wine producer, although the percentage of bottled wines increases continuously, we are exporting to 40 different countries and our premium wines are winning more than 100 medals every year in the most prestigeuos competitions in the world.“